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Tungsten vs Titanium Wedding Bands

These days, the groom has multiple options as it relates to wedding bands compared to past generations. Customarily, a man’s wedding band was made using precious metals, especially gold or silver. However, today, jewelers are using non-precious metals. In fact, these have become quite popular.

Tungsten and Titanium

Tungsten and titanium wedding rings are the most popular and trendy. However, they do have different features that you need to think about when you are choosing one of them. The difference is in their chemical structures. Tungsten is a lot heavier and harder metal compared to titanium. Conversely, titanium wedding rings are very lightweight and typically referred to as the feather weight ring. Compared to both, on the Moh’s scale, tungsten has a hardness rating of 9 and titanium boasts a measurement of 6. The materials used to manufacture these rings make them assume a grey or silver color.

The Design

Because of its feather weight, titanium is easy to fit on the finger and doesn’t feel uncomfortable when wearing it. That means this type of wedding band will appeal to the groom who doesn’t like to wear jewelry and instead, prefer to feel as if he is not wearing anything. It is really not going to be cool if they take the ring off and have an unhappy wife. However, there are some grooms who don’t mind the heavy feelings that the tungsten wedding ring gives. Tungsten is one of the hardest materials that exist. Its brittleness could make it crack if struck hard. However, its hardness makes it very resistant against scrapes, nicks and scratches. A laser has to be used to engrave it. That is how hard it is.

The Softness

Titanium, on the other hand, is softer so traditional tools are used to engrave it. However, the softness can make it resistant to scrapes, nicks and scratches. On the positive side, though, titanium is less likely to shatter or crack compared to tungsten wedding bands. These rings can be customized initially, but are almost incapable of resizing. Although, a good jeweler can get it cut and resized.

The Cost

Titanium and tungsten wedding rings are both affordable when you compare it with other precious metal wedding bands. If you were to buy a gold or platinum ring, it would cost you more. So, if you are looking for something more affordable, the titanium or tungsten is the ideal choice.


While you have to choose the metal that works best for you and your spouse, it is not a bad idea to look at other options. Of course, it will mean that you have to look at price, features, designs and materials used. So, now that you know as much as you do about tungsten and titanium, it might be the ideal choice. 

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