What Ring Size Do I Wear?

What is my ring size?? Looking for how to find your ring sizing? Looking for an actual ring size chart? Find your wedding ring size easily right now! If you still have questions, fill out the form under the chart. 

Option 1 - Get your finger sized at a local jeweler. Tell them you'd like to get sized for a comfort fit ring. 

Option 2 - You can also buy a ring sizer on Amazon. If you have prime, you'll know your size in just a couple days then you can come back and order! Here's one we like. 

Option 3 - You can now request a ring sizer WITH your order. On the product page, simply choose any size for now, and right under the size selection, click on "Send me a free ring sizer". Place the order and we'll send you a sizer. Once you confirm size (instructions sent with sizer), we'll update the order if necessary and put the ring in production. 

Option 4 - If you already own a ring that fits, but don't know the size, download and print the following chart and follow the instructions. Do not use the on screen version. You MUST print it and follow the instructions on the PDF. If you print it at 100% (do not select fit to page or reduce size) you should be able to get your correct ring size using this method aswell.


If using the size chart, see this image for method 4 (the black circle should be JUST inside the ring):

Ring Size Circles

If you have any other questions, please email us at info@camoeverafter.com. Someone will answer asap.