• Fishing is Good for Your Health

    Even if you live to be 150 and spend 8 hours a day on the water, you’ll still won’t feel like you fished enough during your time on the planet. And while your soon-to-be-spouse is hopefully supportive of your fishing addiction hobby, you will undoubtedly find yourself in need of a few good excuses that will get you out of brunch with the in...
  • Must-Have iOS Apps Every Duck Hunter Should Download

    Must-Have iOS Apps Every Duck Hunter Should Download
    Are you an outdoor enthusiast who looks forward to hunting season every year? Do you watch shows like Duck Commander just to feed your need for duck hunting during the off-season? If you're a hardcore hunting enthusiast, you might want to consider updating your smartphone or tablet with a few mobile apps for duck hunters. Following are five excellent options you can consider. Duckr...
  • Tungsten vs Titanium Wedding Bands

    These days, the groom has multiple options as it relates to wedding bands compared to past generations. Customarily, a man’s wedding band was made using precious metals, especially gold or silver. However, today, jewelers are using non-precious metals. In fact, these have become quite popular. Tungsten and Titanium Tungsten and titanium wedding rings are the most popular and trendy. However, they do have different...
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