About Us

Our Story
Camo Ever After was born out of a desire to offer outdoor enthusiasts unique rings and wedding bands that showcase their way of life. When shopping for our own rings just a few short years ago, we noticed there was not much of a selection - all were pretty plain. We then decided we wanted to provide a beautiful and unique selection of bands to hunters, fishermen and outdoor lovers alike. You probably already wear a ring every day, or are about to, so we thought it makes sense to wear one that shows off what you love to do and is strong enough to last through many years of hunting or camping trips, too.

So, we searched the United States for the best jewelers and “ring artisans” that would make those beautiful rings for our customers. 

Our desire to serve comes from our deep family values. We are a small business and we treat you like our own. I personally hate calling a big box store and being shoved around like they don't care about me. So we've made customer service an important aspect of the business - because it's not a business without you.

The Craft
Our rings are hand-made built to last. They are individually sculpted with the help of state-of-the-art machinery and lasers, then polished and finished by hand. Each ring is given a unique touch by our jewelers, many of whom are outdoorsmen themselves, transferring their love and connection to nature down to each piece.
Our factories are licensed in Realtree and Mossy Oak camo (not many can say that) and have been in the industry for 25 years combined. Along with camo our jewelers are artists in creating rings with beautiful outdoor scenery, sports, hunting or fishing imagery. Each ring is made to order using authentic material (no fakes or knock-offs here!).

Making the Rings


Beautiful Rings. Beautiful Prices.
By selling exclusively online, we save our customers an average of $100 per order. We don’t have to pay store rent or overhead, and are able to transfer those savings to you. You can compare the quality of our rings with the likes of which you can buy at some major discount stores. There is no comparison. From the beginning, we’ve wanted nothing more than to offer high quality at the best possible price. All without risking the human touch from a customer service that cares and makes you feel like family – that you can never get from a large big box store.

Because we cater to the outdoorsman and woman, our rings are made of high quality alternative metals (precious metals available via quote). Alternative metals like Titanium, Cobalt, Tungsten and Zirconium are real, solid metals (nothing fake or fantasy), and are modern metals that are made to be affordable, comfortable and more resistant to the outdoor elements than their precious metal counterparts. If you are shopping for a ring and think your only choices should be gold or silver, you’re in luck! Many alternative metals are cheaper than gold, won’t tarnish like silver, light to hold, are hypoallergenic, and last just as long (or longer), while costing you less!

Ring Material

Foundation and Future
Camo Ever After was born in 2014 out of a love for well-designed and well-made products. Products that are so unique, they speak to you. As we continue to grow, our vision for the brand remains the same - we believe in making beautiful products at beautiful prices and offering the best service and value possible. You’ll see we offer items to fit most budgets, without sacrificing quality... a wedding ring should be well made, and last forever...and if you have a favorite hobby, we most likely have a product to match.

Thanks for finding us, we’re so glad you’re here.

We hope you enjoy shopping with us. Email us with any questions at info@camoeverafter.com.