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Thinking about wearing cowboy boots under your wedding dress?

A Bride With Boots - Wear Yours Under Your Wedding Dress

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Should you wear cowboy boots under your wedding dress? Some people may not understand why you would want to, but we get it. The good news is, there are several great reasons to do just that!


That might raise a few eyebrows, but think about it. If you think heels are uncomfortable or have trouble walking in them the rest of the time, why would you want to be stuck in them on your wedding day? And if you’re having an outdoor ceremony and reception, high heels and grass, dirt, and gravel just don’t mix. A booted bride is better than a busted ankle on your honeymoon.

For Fun & Flair

Gone are the days when weddings were a solemn and serious celebration. It’s one of the biggest days of your life, and it’s supposed to be fun! Whether you wear your boots with a short dress to show them off, or as a sassy secret under a long gown, wearing your boots will be fun. And if your guests and wedding party are invited to wear their boots as well, everyone will be more comfortable and have a better time.

Great Pictures

Pictures are an important part of your wedding day memories - and you want them to be fantastic. If you’re having a rustic or country theme, pictures of you in your dress and boots will go right along with the theme. Besides, a blushing bride wearing a beautiful, classy dress and cowboy boots makes an interesting and lovely contrast.

Be Yourself

This is your day, the celebration of you two joining as a couple. Why would you want to be anything but yourself? You've got your nature-inspired cake, a bit of burlap and lace, and a country state of mind. If it fits your personality, your wedding theme, or just makes you happy - wear your boots! And hey, if you need help finding rings to match those boots, contact us!

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