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Must-Have iOS Apps Every Duck Hunter Should Download

Are you an outdoor enthusiast who looks forward to hunting season every year? Do you watch shows like Duck Commander just to feed your need for duck hunting during the off-season? If you're a hardcore hunting enthusiast, you might want to consider updating your smartphone or tablet with a few mobile apps for duck hunters. Following are five excellent options you can consider.

Duckr - Duck Hunting App & GPS

Duckr is the Ultimate Duck Hunting App for the serious Duck Hunter.

  • Full 10 day weather forecast with Wind, Precipitation, and Snow cover
  • Save, comment, and share each of your hunting spots securely
  • Add notes on number of Ducks on the water when scouting

My Duck Log

Make hunting easier by quickly recording your Daily Results. Now it's easy to track your daily, yearly and running totals. We've added the ability to delete individual entries. Share your results and include your custom-named blinds. ID birds in the field with the complete waterfowl identification section. Each species has male and female pictures plus a brief description. 

Duck Call Classic

A handy app with a variety of high quality waterfowl hunting calls. Each sound was made to be crystal clear. Get the latest and greatest waterfowl hunting call and harvest a productive season. Or use it to goof around with your friends.

Ducks Unlimited

The Ducks Unlimited application is a must-download for duck hunters. Features include a sunrise calculator, duck-hunting tips, and information on bag limits. You can discover information on hunting seasons, wild game recipes, retriever dogs, and conservation data. 

Duck hunting apps are a terrific way to boost your bird knowledge. You can learn how to identify birds in the wild, uncover interesting details on local duck species, and discover details on hunting laws in your local area. Will any of these apps make it to the home screen of your digital device?

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