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Features to Look for in a Camo Ring

Mossy Oak Camo Ring

Camo rings have become quite trendy as many seek to purchase theirs for engagement proposals or even for wedding bands. These rings come in a wide range of colors, shapes, sizes and cuts. Although camo rings are a virtual newcomer on the market, in the most recent of years, its trend has increased and that could be due to its affordability and uniqueness. In comparison to other rings, it can save you a lot of money when planning a wedding or engagement proposal. As it relates to cuts, many people love the princess cut as a wedding ring. Why? Well, it is designed in such a way as to enhance the camouflage color.

Cost Effectiveness

Additionally, because of its cut, it is much more cost effective. The diamonds in the princess cut have four corners, which reveal a square shape at the head of the diamond. This gives it a similar appearance as the cushion cut, allowing for more flexibility in a wide range of settings. For this reason, the princess cut is often labeled a square-adjusted brilliant cut. This is due to the jewel’s cone, which, at its base, is similar to an inverted pyramid. Its unique features allow the cut to maintain its size and the weight. Its diamond’s four corners would generally be cut off and transformed into the brilliant cut, but they are left as is.


In addition to the advantage of weight, the princess cut offers other benefits, which separates it completely from the brilliant cut and this is due to its style of faceting. This involves a high degree of its large surface and light return; all of which relate to its crown. The extra light return is fundamental in showing off the camouflage. The princess cut is trendy and is even more popular when combined with camouflage.


When looking for a camo ring, you have various choices. Although, some people prefer to go the traditional route, there are others who prefer to personalize their wedding experience, especially when it comes to ring choice. Don’t think that only guys will love camo rings because of their love for the outdoors and nature. There are some women that won’t mind either. Whether camouflage is an integral part of your life, you can still add camo rings to your jewelry collection because of their uniqueness. You can even have a themed wedding based on your camo ring. You don’t have to go the customary way to please everyone else. Individualize your wedding to make it exclusive with a camo wedding band for you and your new spouse. 

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