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Diamonds & Grit: Camo Wedding Ring Sets with Real Diamonds

Every country princess has her own special fairy tale that doesn't involve a knight on a white horse. It began when she first saw her Daddy leave the house long before the first light of day, dressed from head to toe in hunting gear. With his gun strapped on his back, he almost seemed like a soldier. When he returned well after sunrise, he brought venison for his family. The princess ate roll-ups that evening for dinner, amazed that her Daddy had provided the succulent meat just that morning. When the princess began growing up, her prince arrived, dressed in camo of his own. It took a long time for him to get Daddy to lower his rifle, but eventually the ice was broken and they shook hands.

Her prince helped her up into his truck, but after the first few times she didn't need the help. He drove her around the back roads for hours because he knew she loved to ride. She made fried chicken for their picnics because he loved her chicken so much. They had bonfires in a wide open field, just the two of them, and danced together in the moonlight. They went fishing together. And when hunting season came around, she borrowed Daddy's hunting gear and went hunting with her prince.

Combining camo and diamonds is the perfect blend of a country girl's life and the beauty of love, so he decided to buy her a ring with a diamond and her favorite camo pattern. The ring symbolized both their love for each other and their way of life.

Camo wedding ring sets with real diamonds are beautiful to every country princess (and her prince). It's your lifetime ring and you want to have a real stone in it. You want only the best. 

We are growing our collection of matching sets with diamonds but we wanted to show you the one style that's been the most popular. It's Mossy Oak, too!

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