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Camo Wedding Ideas For Country Couples That Love Hunting or Fishing

While weddings are always wonderful moments to celebrate two people in love, traditional weddings can be stylishly predictable. Couples have more choices than ever before and can customize their weddings based on the bride and groom’s personal taste. For couples who are passionate about country styles or hunting and fishing and want something memorable, a camouflage wedding is a great option. If you are interested in this type of wedding, here are some fabulous camouflage wedding theme ideas.

Camouflage Review

When you say camo, most people have a single image, color or pattern in their mind. However there are almost unlimited shades and patterns that can be used to create a wonderful wedding theme. Camo can have a variety of patterns from realistic vegetation, different terrains to 3D graphics, including:

  • Hunting camo
  • Military
  • Realtree
  • Mossy Oak
  • Predator camo
  • Pink camo
  • Digital camo
  • Desert camo
  • Woodland camo
  • Urban camo
  • Tiger camo
  • Snow camo

Camouflage Wedding Rings

Starting with the engagement and the most enduring symbol of marriage, wedding rings are one of the most important parts of any wedding. Avid hunters and those who enjoy the outdoors will be proud to have a unique ring that displays not only their love and affection for one another but their favorite pastime too. Engagement rings with snow camo or pink camo are a great choice and you can customize it with the stone of your choice. There are also matching wedding bands to complete the set. The bride to be will look stunning with her new camo bridal set.

While jewelers are usually focused on women’s engagement and wedding bands, men deserve to have a unique ring that they can be proud to display as well. There are Realtree Flat Camo Rings and Mossy Oak Camo Rings with your choice of Titanium or Black Zirconium that look great and are sure to get compliments.

Camouflage rings at Camo Ever After offer unique features like the innovative "comfort fit" on the inside of the band and the rings enhanced durability will last for countless hunting and fishing trips. Our camo rings have a beautiful inlay pattern that won't lose its color and won’t fade or chip like other manufacturers which are simply dipped in camo. Look at all our camo rings.

Camouflage Wedding Dress

Every woman wants to look beautiful on her special day, but that doesn’t mean that they all want to look the same. Buck traditional dresses for something that shows a little more country, like a camo wedding dress. Snow camo is the most popular choice due to its white color. While some brides to be choose to go fully dressed in Realtree camo, many women prefer to add just a touch of camouflage, such as camouflage front inserts, camo trains or other detailing.

Camouflage Wedding Cake

The wedding cake is a large part of the reception and the style should match the overall theme of the wedding. A camo wedding cake can be a whimsical and fun showpiece or you can have a more traditional cake with a little bit of rustic flair. Camouflage wedding cakes can be decorated with trees, leaves, deer or other animals and capped off with fun hunting related wedding cake toppers. If you prefer something a little simpler, then adding a wooden cake stand can still tie in all of your other thematic elements. Your guests will be excited to see the wedding cake you have chosen for your big day.

Camo Wedding Invitations

The invitations should always introduce the wedding theme and is the perfect place to use personalized camouflage wedding invitations to match your camo wedding theme. Start looking at invitations as soon as you have set the date as it might take a little longer to find the right ones to match your style and décor. For the downhome, country or rustic look consider handmade invitations which are often a little cheaper and can even be a better match for some camo weddings.

Other Camouflage Elements

To complete the look of your camouflage wedding, consider adding elements that will tie your theme together neatly. Camouflage weddings are mostly about wood and forest patterns so any décor or accent pieces should include them in some ways. For the reception, think about how you can incorporate camo wedding and hunting themed wedding decorations, accessories and tableware. Other ideas for the wedding include:

  • Camo bridesmaid dresses to match the pattern of the wedding dress
  • Camouflage flower girls dresses
  • Camouflage wedding bouquet
  • Pink camo bridal shower
  • Camouflage ring bearer pillow
  • Camo wedding photo ideas
  • Camo wedding garter
  • Even camo lingerie

Start by buying a camo wedding ring and build the rest of your wedding theme from there. A touch of county, a bit of rustic flair and a whole lot of camo!

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