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Spending time in the great outdoors is the way to many a woman's heart. But when she can't be outside fishing, hunting, camping, or exploring, how can she keep that spirit of adventure alive?

Our unique selection of women's necklaces and pendants showcases distinctive designs that are sure to keep the embers of adventure glowing, even while she's at work, toting kids to soccer practice, or taking care of the many other responsibilities of life. Our women's necklaces and pendants feature outdoors-centered designs. Many styles are offered in traditional green and brown Realtree camo patterns, while others are available in Realtree AP pink or purple camo. Some are simple with just one pendant, and other styles have a little more umph.

Whether you're choosing a necklace or pendant as a gift for that special someone (or making a selection for yourself) you're sure to find the perfect piece to complement her passion for the outdoors.

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